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Summer 2015 Jewelry Trends

A few months ago we brought you the 2015 Spring Jewelry Trends, but it’s not spring anymore. Fashion is as fickle as the rising thermometer, and we continue to track the fashion trends around the world. One theme you will see across these trends is that Summer 2015 brings with it an emphasis on dainty, subtle, and classy.

With no further adieu, here are the summer 2015 jewelry trends.


Multiple and articulated rings. Many fashion icons in the warmer months of 2015 seem to be focusing on embellishing the hands in any number of ways. One trend in particular that seems to be catching on is multiple rings on one or more fingers forming unique geometric shapes or even words. This trend is sure to add a simple yet glamorous touch to any outfit.


Metallic bracelets. Metallic bracelets are a hot summer 2015 jewelry trend and are arriving in a stunning variety. You can find metallic bracelets in big and small shapes, classic and modern accents, and solo and combined colors. From twisted metal bracelets, to massive and chunky adornments, to minimalistic options, diverse selections are available to match any style.


Natural Stones. Natural stones are being combined with intricate details to create noteworthy and cool jewelry pieces. In essence, these unfinished stones offer a counterbalance to extremely feminine fashion, while still turning heads and adding visual appeal for any occasion. 


Yellow gold. There’s lots of evidence that the sunny metal will stay popular in the warmer months of 2015. This precious metal was on display as part of the attire for many celebrities at various awards shows and fashion runways. The best news for this trend is that it’s more affordable than it has been in some time. Its price has dropped 33 percent in two years.


Colored diamonds. Thanks to the LeVian collection and various home shopping network television stations, diamonds in a full spectrum of colors are more readily available across the nation. Designers in the fashion industry are intrigued by colored diamonds’ beauty, and consumers are thrilled to learn that their quality is still top notch.


Dainty, layered necklaces. While dainty necklaces have been a mainstay in the world of trendy jewelry for some time, a more recent trend is layering these thin necklaces together to create a multifaceted look. This effortless chic look epitomizes femininity, along with a sweet romantic feel.


IMG Jewelers is a trusted name in jewelry in the Cleveland area and has been in business for over 50 years. While maintaining step with current fashion trends, we also carry the classic jewelry pieces for the discriminating eye. Come visit our Lyndhurst showroom and we can help you select the perfect jewelry accessories for any occasion, or you can contact us today if you have any questions.



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