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Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Jewelry

Jewelry Repair Cleveland Ohio

Your jewelry is undoubtedly one of your most cherished accessories. Knowing how to properly clean and care for your jewelry can make a world of a difference in its appearance and quality. Jewelry that is well cared for today will maintain its beauty, color, and durability for generations to come. Storing Fine Jewelry Store jewelry in its original packaging when possible. Avoid storing different jewelry together, so it doesn’t get scratched. If you don’t store your jewelry properly, its value will decline and it’ll lose its luster over time. If you don’t have the original packaging or would prefer to store all of your jewelry in one place, get a jewelry box with separate soft compartments for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Jewelry boxes that provide adequate protection typically have a satin, felt, or velvet interior. Another storage option is a jewelry safe that has removable compartments made with soft, anti-tarnish cloth.


Avoiding Exposure to Chemicals


Exposure to chemicals can damage and discolor precious metals and some gemstones. Always remove your jewelry prior to swimming in a chlorinated pool or the ocean. Furthermore, take your jewelry off before cleaning with harsh detergents and household cleaners, such as bleach and ammonia. Contact with mercury should also be avoided. Try not to let your jewelry come into contact with cologne, perfume, lotion, hairspray, and other cosmetic products because they can slowly erode the finish of gemstones and cause your jewelry to become dull. Pearls and coral are especially sensitive to everyday chemicals. Wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth every time after wearing it to remove oils, chemicals, and perspiration.


Caring for Diamonds and Other Gemstones


Diamonds are the hardest gemstone, but you still have to be careful with them. Avoid exposing diamonds to extreme temperature changes and don’t let them come into contact with hard surfaces. Diamonds may not scratch, but they can break or chip if they are struck at the right angle. You also need to handle your other gemstone jewelry with care. Remove jewelry prior to participating in any high-impact activities, such as exercise or household chores because your jewelry could get hit and damaged. You should also remove your jewelry before showering because soap can cause a film to form on your jewelry and make it look dull.


Cleaning Your Jewelry


Gently clean gold and silver jewelry with mild soap, a soft brush, and warm water to prevent dirt from building up. Rinse off the soap with cold water and then dry the jewelry carefully. When washing your jewelry, be sure to use a drain stopper in case a gemstone comes loose from its setting. Eventually, gold and silver jewelry will show signs of oxidation. Silver can become dark and yellowish, while gold can become reddish. Keep precious metals lustrous and shiny by cleaning them with a chamois cloth and commercial cleaner on a regular basis. Ask your Cleveland jeweler for specific product recommendations.


Never try to repair jewelry by yourself and don’t snap or twist it. If you want to make any adjustments or changes to your jewelry, take it into a jewelry store in Cleveland and have a professional do it for you. It’s also a good idea to have your jewelry checked at least once a year for loose settings, worn prongs, and other issues. Don’t hesitate to take your jewelry to a jewelry store if you notice a loose stone or if a worn prong catches onto your clothing because before you know it, a gemstone could fall off and get lost.

Daily wear and tear is the primary reason why jewelry gets damaged. Follow the above tips to keep your jewelry looking as good as new. When you need to have your jewelry inspected, come to IMG jewelry store in Cleveland, Ohio



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