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Tips For Finding Trendy Engagement Rings

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Planning to get engaged soon? Whether you’re planning to get something truly unique, or will be looking to stick to what’s trending right now, you’ll want to know what’s popular this season. Your friends at IMG Jewelers are here to help out with this shortlist of the current trends!

Colored Stones and Accents

Colored stones were very popular during 2016, but this year it’s looking like colored accent stones are joining the mix. There are so many beautiful ways to include accent stones in designs both classic and unconventional. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of diamonds paired with colored stones, or colored halos. Speaking of which…


A lot of brides recently have been taken with the halo design, but increasingly common are unique iterations on the halo; geometrically designed halos with lots of angles, or intertwining pairs of halos. There are likely to be even more unique variations on the halo in the upcoming year. Our custom jewelry designers could help you develop a version all your own.

Black Diamonds

Increasingly popular among brides wanting to really break out of the mold and set themselves apart, black diamonds are a bold declaration of surety and personality that distinguish even the simplest and most classic ring designs.


One of the most eclectic and interesting styles of designs, clusters gather diamonds of different sizes in asymmetrical arrangements that speak to the whimsy and imagination of the bride, and present limitless opportunities for unique styles and colors combinations. With a close eye on the emerging trends each year and each season, your IMG Jewelers are ready to help you choose the perfect engagement ring. Don’t hesitate to come browse our selection, or sit with our experienced designers to plan the ring of your dreams!


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