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Top 10 Summer Jewelry Trends in 2014

agate and black and white diamond pendant

Looking for accessories to spruce up your warm weather wardrobe? We’re well into the summer season, but there’s still time to make waves with hot jewelry trends that enhance your summer outfits. Don’t let this summer pass you by without trying out the following summer jewelry trends in 2014.


1. Wildlife-inspired jewelry


Wildlife-inspired jewelry is making a comeback. For example, an animal piece covered in diamonds can punctuate any summer outfit. We’ve depended on animals for affection, protection, and sustenance for millennia, so it’s no surprise that people are attracted to animal-themed jewelry.


2. Cuff bracelets


Cuff bracelets add a little glam to your summer wardrobe. There are cuff bracelets for every taste, ranging from plain metal cuff bracelets to cuffs adorned with interesting accents. A cuff bracelet can serve as a standalone statement piece, so the other jewelry you wear should be subdued.


3. Pearls


Pearls have been coveted for centuries. Long considered a “country club” accessory, pearls have taken on a more hip identity in recent years. Today’s modern pearl accessories will change your perception of pearls.  


4. Electric colors


Jewelry with bright, electric colors will amplify your summer tam and inject pizazz into your wardrobe without being overwhelming.


5. Art deco style


Art deco-inspired jewelry brings us back to an earlier era characterized by a flamboyant and playful attitude. Art deco jewelry often boasts geometric patterns and classic motifs. Heirloom, art deco pieces can be juxtaposed with a modern summer outfit to make a memorable statement.


6. Bangles


Delicate bangles add an elegant and feminine touch to your summer wardrobe. You can load one wrist with bangles of varying textures, materials, and colors.


7. Fringe


Fringe, such as tassels and dangling trimmings, are in this summer. You can find everything from Art Deco-style fringe pieces to Bohemian pieces.


8. Statement pieces


A great statement piece will do all of the talking for you. Statement jewelry is any bold accessory that allows you to convey yourself as a unique, passionate, and confident person. It’s a lot easier to find beautiful statement jewelry when you look at vintage pieces.


9. Pastel


Delicate, pastel-colored jewelry adds a subtle touch of sophistication to clothing with neutral tones. Pastels even go well with neon clothing. Pastel jewelry has a soft, sweet appearance that brightens up your wardrobe. 


10. Floral


Floral jewelry is in bloom this summer. From bright gemstone flowers to metal bouquets, flowers are popping up all over the jewelry scene in various sizes, shapes, and colors.


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