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Top 5 Most Popular Diamond Shapes in Cleveland

There is truly no sparkle as magnificent as that of a diamond, the most popular gemstone. Diamonds are precious stones consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. Because of the way they sparkle and reflect light, diamonds have been described as tears of the gods, or fragments of stars.


Diamonds are symbols of love and devotion, making them an ideal choice for engagement rings. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings in Cleveland, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is selecting a diamond shape. Every diamond shape has a unique appearance and qualities.


Most people have a shape preference, so choose a shape based on input from the recipient of the diamond, if at all possible. Furthermore, consider choosing a diamond shape that would flatter the shape and length of the recipient’s fingers. The following is an introduction to the 5 most popular diamond shapes at jewelry stores in Cleveland, Ohio.


1. Round

round diamond engagement ring

The round diamond is by far the most traditional and popular of all diamond shapes. Around 80% of all diamonds sold are round. Round diamonds are generally superior to other diamond shapes because they allow for the proper reflection of light, which maximizes their brightness.


2. Princess 


princess diamond engagement ring

Next to the round diamond, the princess diamond is the next most popular diamond shape. Commonly used for solitaire engagement rings, princess diamonds are square-shaped and have a number of sparkling facets. The princess shape requires more weight to be directed towards the diamond’s depth.


Princess diamonds look particularly flattering on women with long fingers. However, the four pointed corners of a princess cut diamond must be protected to prevent chipping.


2. Oval

oval diamond engagement ring

Like round diamonds, oval diamonds brilliantly reflect light. Their elongated shape also gives the hands an illusion of length. Oval diamonds are ideal for women who have small hands or short fingers.


4. Heart Shaped 

heart shaped diamond engagement ring

A heart shaped diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and the most romantic of all diamond shapes. Heart shaped diamonds have an excellent sparkle because of their nearly round shape. 


5. Emerald 


emerald diamond engagement ring

Emerald diamonds have a rectangular shape with cut corners. As its name suggests, the emerald shape was originally developed for emeralds, not diamonds. Because of their long lines, emerald diamonds boast broad, dramatic flashes of light.


If you choose a ring with an emerald diamond, it’s important to pay attention to quality and select the highest-grade stone you can afford because the shape makes flaws more evident to the naked eye. 


Are you shopping around for engagement rings in Cleveland, Ohio? To help you make the most informed choice, the staff at Cleveland fine jewelry store IMG Jewelers can teach you about the unique traits of different diamond shapes. Visit our store! We offer certified diamonds in Cleveland in an array of popular shapes. 



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