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The Ultimate Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

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With Christmas and other winter holidays quickly approaching you may find yourself trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Why not give them some fine jewelry they can cherish for years to come?


We’ve taken the responsibility of creating the ultimate jewelry gift guide to aid you in your gift purchasing.


Buying jewelry for a special person in your life can be stressful. You want them to love it, but you may not always know exactly what to get them. For the regular jewelry lover, you really can’t go wrong with any piece. For those that are a bit more selective, you may need to take a more unique approach.


Here are some jewelry gift ideas sure to please everyone:


Gifts for Women:


Pearls are a timeless classic sure to please even the pickiest of jewelry wearers. Whether it be in the form of a traditional pearl necklace or bracelet, or something more contemporary like modern pearl earrings. Pearls go great with a number of other pieces of jewelry, and complement nearly any outfit, so they’re always a safe bet.


They don’t say diamonds are a girl’s best friend just to waste their breath. Diamonds are similar to pearls in the fact that they are also timeless and go with everything. Diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are wonderful gifts for women you care about. If the woman in question is a little edgier or more unique, colored diamonds can also be a great choice.


If you’re aiming for a more personalized gift, giving a birthstone is a great option. Birthstones can be incorporated into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches. Choosing to gift someone their birthstone in a piece of jewelry shows that you care about that person as an individual, and you put some serious thought into their gift.


If you want to get extra personalized, consider gifting a silver or gold locket. This is a great gift for mothers and grandmothers, as you can put their loved ones’ photos inside and they can always have them close to their hearts.


Gifts for Men:


A watch is always a great gift for a special man in your life. For an extravagant watch gift, consider giving a gold or platinum watch. If the recipient appreciates a little sparkle, diamond accents will be sure to wow.


If the man in question isn’t a huge jewelry wearer, a nice set of cufflinks can be a good option. Even if he doesn’t wear suits or similar clothing on a daily basis, on the occasions that he does the cufflinks will add an extra element of dressiness and really set his look over the top.


Gold and silver bracelets or chains are good gifts for men who do enjoy wearing jewelry occasionally, as they are more simple and understated. If you have a true jewelry lover on your hands, add in a few diamonds, or consider a fancy diamond pinky ring he can show off.


Gifts for Everyone:


If you’re unsure of what type of jewelry you’d like to gift, a gift certificate from IMG Jewelers will be sure to please. This way your recipient can purchase any piece of jewelry they like, or put it towards a piece they’ve been eyeballing for some time.



The holiday season is all about giving to those whom you love, and at the end of the day, if you’ve chosen a piece of jewelry for someone, if you’ve taken the time and effort to think about them – they’ll be grateful no matter the piece.


IMG Jewelers is a quality jeweler that has served the Cleveland area for more than 50 years. Please stop by our Lyndhurst showroom and we can help you select the perfect gifts for everyone on your shopping list. You can also contact us with any questions.



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