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Unique Engagement Rings

Of course, an engagement ring is an expression of your love. It represents your desire to be with your fiancé for a lifetime, and symbolizes your commitment to be married and together forever.

While there are plenty of classic diamond ring options available (such as a beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring) there are also many unique styles that show your loved one just how special and one-of-a-kind you feel they are, too.


Retro Engagement Rings
As the saying goes, everything old becomes new again.  The same is true for engagement ring styles.  Recently, art deco style rings have been trending, as are other vintage-style diamond engagement rings with pave stone work, and intricate gold and platinum detail work. Diamond halo rings are also a wonderful choice, and a nod to days gone by.

At IMG, we’ll help you find the perfect vintage-style ring to propose with.  We can even help you find a fine estate piece to breathe new life into! The expert staff can help you decide how to make a ring that has been passed down from generation to generation really shine.  In fact, our master jewelers can help you modernize a ring passed down from great grandma by adding additional stones or metal, or by simply returning it to its original brilliant luster with a professional cleaning and tightening.


Rings with  Twist
Intricate rings, with twisted gold, silver or platinum bands are also “in” right now.  Many of these style rings often showcase a beautiful round, square, oval, or marquise diamond center stone.  They often include uniquely raised center stones, which add interest not only to the front view but to the views at every angle the ring is seen at as well.

Inside IMG, you will find many of these “new” braided, twisted, and intricately formed bands, ready to be placed on the hand of your loved one. And, if you don’t quite find the “perfect one” in stock, we’ll help you create the exact look you desire with a custom-designed engagement ring!

 Engagement Rings with Colored Stones

While most people tend to think of engagement rings as featuring beautiful diamonds, there are also beautiful rings available using a wide range of precious gemstones. In fact, one of the most famous engagement rings of all time (formerly worn by Princess Diana, and now belonging to Princess Kate) is a stunner, crafted with a beautiful, rich blue sapphire center stone surrounded by diamonds.

You, too, can make a statement with a colored center stone. Choose your loved one’s favorite color, their birthstone, or their favorite gem and create a unique engagement ring. The experts at IMG will help you find the perfect colored gemstone to compliment any band or style preference you may have to create the perfect engagement ring.


No matter how you plan on proposing marriage, allow the caring and knowledgeable staff at IMG to be your guide to all of the latest bridal ring styles. We’ll help you find the perfect engagement ring to fit your budget, your style, and your unique personality!



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