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Unique Jewelry for the Unconventional Woman


Finding the perfect jewelry for a special woman in your life can be difficult. It can be especially difficult if that woman isn’t what you’d call ‘conventional’.


This could mean a variety of things. Perhaps she doesn’t particularly enjoy jewelry, or maybe she likes unique statement pieces. What’s important is to understand her preferences and keep them in mind when selecting her jewelry.


Here are some tips for choosing unique jewelry:


Don’t feel restricted to a certain type of jewelry.


Sure, most jewelry gifts are one of four things: rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Just because those are the standard doesn’t mean that’s what you need to abide by.


Brooches are quickly coming back into style, and are wonderful for women who really like to accessorize. Earcuffs are a unique gift for edgier women, and if your gift recipient isn’t big on wearing jewelry, consider decorative hair accessories.


Choose unique stones.


Diamonds are a classic, but some women prefer something a little more unique. Colored diamonds are a great alternative, with black diamonds being incredibly beautiful. If you think she’d prefer something other than a colored diamond, natural crystals and gemstones could be a solution. Their texture and brilliance are truly unique, and each gives off its own ‘vibe’.


Consider different materials.


Most jewelry is typically made from different types of metal, though there are a number of interesting pieces created with other materials. Wooden and fabric pieces are quite different and make a statement – plus they’re perfect for those with metal sensitivities. Wooden jewelry can be paired with different stones, while fabric jewelry pairs perfectly with beading.



Following these tips will help you select the perfect piece of jewelry for your special someone. But most importantly, you should always keep her in mind. If you know she doesn’t wear jewelry often, don’t get her something large and flashy. If she has a simple and modern style, don’t get her something vintage and Art Deco inspired. Cater to her current tastes and she’ll be sure to love and appreciate your thoughtful gift.



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