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Vintage and Vintage-Inspired Diamond Rings

It appears that the trend of wearing antique, and vintage-inspired diamond engagement rings is not going away anytime soon. In fact, from Hollywood, California to Park Avenue in New York, vintage-inspired jewelry is all the rage with stars, celebrities, and buyers from all walks of life.


Whether you choose to wear an actual vintage piece of jewelry or one that is inspired by the originals produced earlier in history by jewelry designers, the options are almost endless.



While many people equate “vintage” with “antique”, that is not always the case. Jewelry which is termed ‘vintage’ includes many decades or eras. Each era is known for its different “trademark” style and designs.


For instance, Art Nouveau, jewelry style made popular in the late 1800’s through World War I, is still highly sought after today. The Art Nouveau movement, which started in Paris, is recognized for its flowing curves and natural designs, which can be described as bird-like, ribbon-like, or flower-like. The jewlery of the period reflects the “feeling” of the which was one of ideas, dreaminess, and natural beauty. Other vintage styles, such as Art Deco and Victorian are also recognizable and popular.  Art deco was a product of industrial influence, as well as rigid lines and angles of architecture. Victorian jewelry is often colorful, vibrant, and yet delicately and intricately decorated.


The term Estate Jewelry is often used to describe previously owned jewelry, which is usually acquired from estates of individuals either through sale or exchange.  While IMG has a wide range of Estate offerings, many of which fall into the "vintage" classification,  it is also possible to view new pieces inspired by the originals as well as create your own custom-designed vintage-inspired ring or piece of jewelry for a proposal or special occasion. The expert staff at IMG can also help you discover the differences between the different period-inspired styles that are available, or help you find the perfect vintage piece for your collection.   For those who love vintage jewelry and the “classics”, IMG Jewelers in Lyndhurst, Ohio offers a wide range of styles to fit every budget and every inspiration period.



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