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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas by Year

Wedding Anniversary Gift Cleveland Ohio

Looking for a special way to celebrate and commemorate your wedding anniversary? The practice of giving one’s significant other a special gift on every wedding anniversary dates back to the Middle Ages. According to this tradition, the types of gifts you give progress from weaker to stronger and become more precious and scarce as the years go by in order to represent the strengthening of your relationship. Below are both traditional and modern wedding anniversary theme and gift ideas by year:


Year 1: Paper

Year 2: Cotton

Year 3: Leather

Year 4: Flowers, fruit

Year 5: Wood

Year 6: Candy, iron

Year 7: Copper, wool

Year 8: Bronze

Year 9: Pottery

Year 10: Tin, aluminum

Year 11: Steel

Year 12: Silk

Year 13: Lace

Year 14: Ivory

Year 15: Crystal

Year 16: Silver hollowware

Year 17: Furniture, watch

Year 18: Porcelain

Year 19: Bronze, aquamarine

Year 20: China

Year 21: Brass, nickel

Year 22: Copper

Year 23: Silver plate

Year 24: Musical instruments

Year 25: Sterling silver

Year 26: Original pictures

Year 27: Sculpture

Year 28: Orchids

Year 29: New furniture

Year 30: Pearl

Year 31: Timepieces

Year 32: Conveyances (car, sailboat, jet ski, hang glider, etc.)

Year 33: Amethyst

Year 34: Opal

Year 35: Coral/Jade

Year 36: Bone china

Year 37: Alabaster

Year 38: Beryl, tourmaline

Year 39: Lace

Year 40: Ruby

Year 41: Land

Year 42: Developed real estate

Year 43: Travel

Year 44: Groceries (wine, chocolate, decadent desserts, etc.)

Year 45: Sapphire

Year 46: Original poetry tribute

Year 47: Books

Year 48: Optical goods (telescope, microscope, etc.)

Year 49: Luxury items of any kind

Year 50: Gold

Year 55: Emerald

Year 60: Diamond


This list might seem a little boring in the early years, but there is plenty of room for creativity, so you can transform each year’s theme into a memorable gift. For example, the traditional gift for a couple’s first anniversary is paper. Paper encompasses many different types of gifts, including paper tickets to a concert, a book, or a scrapbook. You can also make the anniversary year’s theme material a carrier for your gift rather than the gift itself. For example, on your first anniversary, you could give your partner a lovely origami box with an anniversary ring hidden inside.


Traditionally, people give gifts made of ivory on their 14th anniversary. However, most new ivory cannot be imported into the United States. If you’d rather not purchase anything made of ivory for ethical reasons, even if it’s vintage ivory, consider ivory alternatives made of nuts, seeds, trees, and other vegetation. Another item that many people don’t want to remove from nature is coral. As an alternative to giving your significant other coral on your 35th anniversary, you can give her jade.   


Wedding anniversary gifts represent the stage you’re at in your marriage and provide a thoughtful touch on this important day. If you're looking for anniversary jewelry gifts that will make your upcoming anniversary your most memorable yet, come to IMG Jewelers. We’re Cleveland, Ohio jewelers who have been offering jewelry gifts for wedding anniversaries and other occasions since 1949. Visit our showroom to find the perfect anniversary gift for the love of your life!





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