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Wedding Anniversary Ring Ideas for Her

wedding anniversary diamond eternity band

Every anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate your relationship and love for one another while showing your significant other that you care. Jewelry is the perfect anniversary gift because it adds sparkle to your special day and it is personal, romantic, and long lasting. When shopping for anniversary jewelry gifts, consider buying her a ring that symbolizes the beautiful parts of your marriage.


Although there are traditional gifts assigned to each anniversary year, many people disregard custom and give their significant other anniversary rings of their choosing. Just remember to choose an anniversary ring that will match her full bridal set or wedding ring. The following are anniversary rings that she’s sure to cherish and adore.  


Ring with an Inscription


Have your heartfelt words inscribed on the inside of a wedding anniversary ring to make it all the more meaningful. Both husband and wife could get matching anniversary rings with words inscribed on the inside. The same words will touch their skin at all times, keeping them emotionally connected even when they are physically apart.


Three-Stone Ring


Also known as a trinity or trilogy ring, a three-stone ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry that represents your past, present, and future together.


Eternity Band


Show her how much you love and appreciate her by giving her an eternity band on your anniversary. An eternity band is a band of precious metal that is set with a continuous row of identically cut gemstones. Eternity bands are frequently given to mark an anniversary because they symbolize never-ending, unchanged, and unbroken love. To ensure that the ring is more comfortable to wear, you could give her a half-eternity ring instead, which features stones across the face of the ring only.


Gemstone Ring


Gemstone rings are a symbolic and meaningful anniversary gift because each gemstone represents a unique set of qualities. For example, pearl represents purity and wisdom, ruby represents love and passion, and blue sapphire represents truth and fidelity. You could also choose a wedding anniversary ring that incorporates your significant other’s birthstone.


Diamond Ring


Diamond wedding anniversary rings represent a renewed commitment, making them an ideal gift for celebrating the love that you share. Diamond anniversary rings are also the perfect complement to diamond wedding rings. Diamonds are April’s birthstone. For centuries, they have been a symbol of love, excellence, and purity. Traditionally, diamond anniversary rings are given on the 10th and 60th anniversaries, but you can give them to your wife as an anniversary gift whenever you feel it is best.


Custom Anniversary Ring


Commemorate your relationship by giving your wife a custom anniversary ring. At IMG Jewelers, we offer custom jewelry design services that bring your unique vision to life and show how well you know and love your partner. Our custom design process allows you to be involved every step of the way while sticking to your budget. You can even incorporate gemstones or metals from heirloom jewelry that you’ve inherited to make the anniversary ring extra special.


No matter what type of ring you choose, giving her a ring as gift is always a great way to celebrate your anniversary. If you're in the Cleveland area and have a wedding anniversary coming up, browse IMG Jewelers’ ring collection online or come to our showroom in Lyndhurst. Our jewelry experts can help you find the perfect ring for her! 



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