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Wedding Ring Engraving Tips & Ideas

Engraved wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Perhaps the best reason is to add an even more personal touch to a deeply personal moment. The notion of having an engraving nobody else knows of unless you share it is incredibly romantic. But adding an engraving also adds one more decision to a season full of thousands of decisions. What should be engraved on the rings?


-Traditional choices: Perhaps the most popular choice for engraved rings is the names or initials of the wedding couple, closely followed in popularity by the wedding date. As a slightly humorous aside, this choice has the added benefit of reminding the groom of his anniversary date, because it is literally on his hand everyday. Other traditional but meaningful engravings could include your nicknames for each other or the name of your song as a couple.


-Paired sayings: You can also split a single statement or conversation between the two rings, so that the engravings only make sense together. One example of this would be to engrave “Always and” on one ring, and “…Forever” on the other ring. Another example would be the infamous conversation between Han Solo and Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies: “I love you” and “I know.”


-Sentimental or religious sayings: Many couples choose to have a statement of their love for each other engraved on the rings. A classic example is “Truly, Madly, Deeply.” Others with a strong religious heritage choose to engrave a verse from the Bible or a religious statement on the weddings rings, as a signifier of the importance of faith. Examples include, “Whom God has joined let no man put asunder,” and “In God and thee my joy shall be.”


-Foreign phrases of love: Though it may seem strange to some, many couples choose to engrave declarations of love in languages other than English on the wedding rings. A common Hebrew engraving is “Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li,” which translates to “My beloved is mine and I am his.” A French declaration of love that translates to, “I love you” is “Je t’aime.” Latin is also popular, such as “Amor vincit omnia,” which translates to English as “Love conquers all.”


-Humor: Before giving examples of humorous engravings, a word of warning – it is best to not surprise your future spouse with a funny statement he or she may not appreciate, as engravings are permanent. Some of the more entertaining engravings we have seen over the years are: “Put me back on,” and “If removed, an alarm will immediately sound.”


-Something remarkable: The last category of engravings is a grab bag of options, which can only be called remarkable. You could decide to engrave your fingerprint on the interior or exterior surface of the ring, as a way to communicate your connection to each other. If your fiancé is a huge fan of a sports team or has a hobby, you can have a symbol related to that activity engraved on the inside. Another idea is to have a short handwritten note from you engraved on the ring.


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