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What Gemstones Are Best for Engagement Rings?

First of all, congratulations for taking this huge step in your life – one that will literally change the rest of your days. If you let it, picking the ideal engagement ring can become an unnecessary source of stress.


An engagement ring should capture the beautiful, rare, and precious journey of love you are beginning. The ring must show thoughtfulness and caring, and incorporate appropriate symbolism.


The Gold Standard, or Rather, the Diamond Standard


When you think of an engagement ring, a diamond is probably what comes to mind. Some of this is due to brilliant marketing – diamond commercials have bombarded the television channels and radio airwaves for decades. High quality diamonds have an unmatched brilliance compared to any other gemstone. Plus, the emotional response to a diamond ring may be unmatched. A diamond is the preferred gemstone for an engagement ring for these reasons.


Unique and Beautiful Alternatives to a Diamond


Even though a diamond is the typical stone for an engagement ring, it is not the only choice. Plus, it might not even be the best choice for your fiancé. Each of the following gemstones will add a unique touch to your engagement ring.


Sapphires are typically deep blue gems, though they also are found in green and pink. Coming from the mineral corundum, these stones are very commonly placed in jewelry, and have been a beautiful choice for generations in engagement rings.


Citrine is usually created in labs by applying heat to amethysts, with color ranging from yellow to brown. If you are looking for a unique ring that looks amazing, a citrine ring could be an option for you.


Ruby is another stone made of the mineral corundum, and is a red stone. Rubies are seen in all types of jewelry, ranging from family heirlooms to bracelets. Good quality rubies are very expensive and present as a deep red color. This deep red color will be a delightful and beautiful centerpiece for any engagement ring.


Opals are related to quartz, and are considered semi-precious. One unique aspect of the opal is the vast range of colors, and the fact many opal stones have multiple colors. This multifaceted color range is due to various minerals being trapped within the gems. This means every opal makes for a one-of-a-kind ring.


Mother of pearl is created by mollusks from a combination of organic and inorganic materials. The smooth and iridescent shine of the mother of peal is available in white, blue, brown, gray, and black. Because they are not used in jewelry as much as in the past, a pearl engagement ring is rare by today’s standards.


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