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What Your Watch Says About You

Man Wearing a Luxurious Watch

An often understated accessory in many peoples’ wardrobe, both men and women, is the watch. If you see someone wearing a particularly nice watch, it can be quite revealing about their personality, as relatively few people give their choice of watch much attention! We here at IMG Jewelers are well versed in the language of timepieces, though, so we thought we would share some insights on what a particular watch is telling you about the person wearing it!


Patek Phillippe

Widely regarded as the finest watches in the world, if you see someone wearing one of these, you can bet that they are at the top of their game, whatever that may be, and has very high expectations for just about every aspect of their life.



Practically a household name in timepieces, and strongly associated with success, Rolex wearers know exactly what they want and are part of a mold of well-to-do and accomplished individuals who can have what they want.



Among sporting watches, Omega stands head and shoulders above most of the competition. They, and their wearers, have a reputation for seeming to flawlessly straddle the line between highly active adventurers, and luxury-lifestyle connoisseurs.


When someone invests in a watch, as with any other piece of jewelry, they are making a personal statement. Not only does it communicate their style, but as a functional accessory, it also speaks to their interests and priorities. What does your watch say about you? Is it time for a new one, reflective of the current you? Contact us or come in to see our incredible selection of high quality time pieces and find the perfect one for your style!


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