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Which Engagement Ring is Right for You?

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Selecting an engagement ring is one of the more significant decisions to make in your life, and you want to be sure to make the right choice. It can be all the more challenging when you are purchasing for your almost-fiancé without her direct input.



There are a variety of style options to consider, as well as personal and emotional ones. The apparent complexity of the options can make shopping for a ring can seem overwhelming. But with the right approach, this purchase can be as exciting as the proposal.


Start with the Woman, not the Ring


The good news is that the most important component of selecting the right ring is the person you are proposing to. If you consider it carefully, you already have a good sense of what her tastes are in style and jewelry:

-If her tastes tend toward classic and understated, the engagement ring should match this tone. If she is typically wearing jewelry that draws attention, then the ring you choose should “pop” in the same way.
-If she works in healthcare, she will often be wearing latex gloves. You will want to avoid prong settings or solitaire rings, as this type of ring will snap or rip gloves.
-If she enjoys being in the outdoors, the ideal engagement ring will be able to cope with the wear and tear of physical activities without catching on garments.


Beyond this self-consideration, there are several ways to gauge what engagement ring would be right. Perhaps you could take her to a jewelry store under the guise of looking at a watch for yourself and “accidentally” pointing out a particular style of ring to get her opinion. You could ask her friends to take her out “just for fun” to shop for engagement rings together. Regardless of how you approach it, it is important to remember to start with the woman, not the ring.


Set a Budget Beforehand


This is not romantic, but setting a budget or at least a guideline before you walk into a jewelry store is important. You should know on the front end what your maximum to spend is, and choose not to exceed this boundary once you start shopping. This approach will keep you grounded as you look at engagement rings, to prevent you from overspending. Depending on your natural bent, a budget will also serve as a reminder of how much you can spend and keep you from making an unnecessarily inexpensive purchase.


The Details of the Perfect Ring


Once you have considered the woman you are buying the engagement ring for, and you have set your budget, there are three key components to selecting the perfect ring: setting, band, and the 4 C’s of the diamond. Ring settings have been described in great detail in this earlier article, so we will not address it further here.


The metal of an engagement band will typically be gold, white gold, or platinum. Again, some part of this decision will be based upon who you are purchasing the ring for, but this decision should not be considered outside of the jewel itself. Each metal will impact the jewel in a ring differently.


If you are ready to propose to that special woman and you are in the Cleveland area, come visit the IMG Jewelers showroom, or give us a call at 440.461.4464. We are a full-service jewelry shop, and will help you select or create the perfect engagement ring.



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