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Why You Should Avoid Big Box Jewelers

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Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one? The first step to finding the right jewelry is selecting an appropriate jeweler. Styles, prices, quality, and service vary widely depending on the jeweler you choose.


Many people end up buying their jewelry from large chain stores at the mall because that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Chain jewelry stores have become household names due to their ubiquitous advertising and strong brand awareness, but it’s better to avoid big box jewelers for a number of reasons.




The prices of gemstones vary based on the seller’s cost as well as the profit margin. This means that you should try to buy jewelry from Cleveland jewelers whose cost is low and who sell at a low profit margin. Generally speaking, chain stores have the highest profit margins, so they are not a good source of jewelry. Furthermore, their prices are pretty high when you consider that the quality of their products is often mediocre. 


If you want to get the most bang for your buck, go to family-owned jewelry stores in Cleveland, Ohio instead. Family-owned jewelry stores tend to offer better deals and their jewelry is often of superior quality. Independent jewelers may also offer a broader, more exotic collection.


Bargaining is a possibility when you shop at an independent jewelry store. You’re often dealing directly with the owner or a representative who can contact the owner, which gives you the opportunity to haggle. On the other hand, prices are typically set in stone at chain jewelry stores. Sales representatives and store managers at chain jewelry stores usually aren’t authorized to modify prices.


Selection and Quality of Jewelry


Chain jewelry stores in Cleveland, Ohio tend to have a limited inventory to choose from and their offerings are typically of low quality. These stores cater to customers who know very little about jewelry. Customers often walk into these stores, pick up a nice looking piece of jewelry, and buy it without inspecting it further or asking questions.


If you care about the quality of the jewelry you purchase, it’s important to inspect it carefully. For example, if you’re buying diamond jewelry, inspect the stones for flaws and imperfections. Independent Cleveland jewelers are far less likely to carry poor quality gemstones because their customers are more discerning and simply won’t buy them.


Customer Service


One of the biggest disadvantages of shopping at a chain jewelry store is the customer service, or lack thereof. While sales representatives at chain jewelry stores may be friendly and helpful, they usually don’t have in-depth knowledge of jewelry. For example, they may not be able to answer detailed questions about the 5 C’s of a diamond or educate you about a gemstone’s origin, qualities, etc., etc. Sales reps at chain jewelry stores are typically more concerned with closing the sale than with answering customers’ questions.


Small jewelry stores are usually eager to help their customers find exactly what they’re looking for and to answer their questions. The sales representatives encourage customers to carefully examine their jewelry and pick out the piece they like best. If you’re looking to buy high-quality jewelry and want to shop at a store where a friendly, knowledgeable representative will happily answer your questions, then visit family-owned jewelry stores in Cleveland, Ohio.


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