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Winter Jewelry Trends 2016

Credit: Lindisima

Image Credit: Lindisima



With the frigid temperatures and snowflakes we’ve been experiencing the past few weeks – Winter is undoubtedly upon us. Fortunately, we’re not just stuck with snow flurries when Winter rolls around – we get to try out some new and exciting jewelry trends.


We’ve scoped the runways and have found some of the most popular and unique jewelry looks. Here they are:


Sculptural and Geometric Jewelry


Sculptural and geometric jewelry is incredibly popular this season. Rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces have all been influenced by this trend. These pieces provide a nice edgy, modern look, and really complement simple outfits. Simple metal pieces are popular, as well as more intricate and detailed pieces.


Drop Earrings


Drop earrings are in this Winter, and they’re perfect for any look. Choose a modern, simple pair for less elaborate outfits, or select an ornate and over the top pair for special occasions. Drop earrings help to draw attention to the shapes of your neck and ears, so they pair perfectly with updo hairstyles.


Breastplate Necklaces


Breastplate necklaces make a true statement this season. They are big, bold, and really can carry an outfit. Metal breastplate necklaces create a hard and edgy look, while softer materials like fabric help add in a subtle layer of dimension to your look. These necklaces can carry their own weight, so don’t feel the need to play them up with a ton of other jewelry. Unless, of course, you’re a true jewelry fiend.




Chokers were in last Fall and they’re still in this Winter. Thick chokers are seen more prevalently on the runway, and accents of gold and leather create a chic, edgy vibe. Gold chain chokers are very popular, as well as more sculptural chokers – the more elaborate, the better.


Stacking Rings


Stacking multiple rings on the same hand is very popular this season. Pairing large and small rings, dainty and elaborate, or chic and ornate are all great options. The key is to provide contrast between each ring so they each steal a bit of the spotlight.


If you don’t like the idea of having multiple rings on your fingers, another great option is to wear a double ring. It’s a single piece of jewelry, but it encompasses multiple fingers. This way you get the same look as wearing a number of different rings, but you only have to worry about keeping track of one piece.


Cuff Bracelets


Cuff and leather buckle bracelets are very popular this season. Touches of leather, metal, and jewels allow you to style your bracelets however fits your taste. Select a simple leather cuff for an understated look, or go for an ornately detailed metal and jewel cuff for something more elaborate.



There you have it, our list of the top Winter jewelry trends of 2016. Which of these Winter trends do you plan on wearing this season?


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