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Your Jewelry Style Based on Your Zodiac Sign



It’s not uncommon knowledge that Zodiac signs have been incredibly popular, not just lately, but throughout time. They’re told to influence our personalities and our tastes, and some live their life ruled by their sign.


While each sign is unique, so are their tastes in jewelry. We’ve studied each sign, their preferences, and what works best with them and have found the perfect jewelry styles for each. Here they are:




If you’re an Aries, statement pieces are your friend. Feel free to wear any type of metal, since you rule over all. Think sharp, bold pieces that are always slightly ahead of the curve – you’re a trendsetter, and your jewelry should reflect that.




Feminine yet practical pieces work well for Taurus. Delicate or bold pieces both work, yet they should look more high-end in quality. Statement necklaces work well, since this sign is associated with the neck.




Ruling the fingers and thumbs, the best jewelry pieces will adorn Gemini’s hands and limbs. Rings and bracelets suit well, and should be light, silvery, and full of sparkle.




Sentimental pieces are most worn by Cancers, due to their emotional ties. They’re much more likely to wear a piece of jewelry for the memories, rather than the style of the piece. As long as there is thought behind the piece – they’ll be sure to love it.




Bold statement pieces that wow and dazzle work great for Leos. Like the lion that represents them, gold looks beautiful on them and will be sure to enhance their features.




Virgos are more modest with their jewelry, and favor simple and practical pieces. They should be subtle, yet adaptable, with just a touch of femininity. Small details are greatly appreciated, like engravings or small markings.




For Libras, fashion comes naturally. They’re always on trend, so jewelry that matches their aesthetic and preferences will always look great.




Scorpios enjoy understated, yet multi-faceted pieces. Hidden details, messages, or meanings are often found in the pieces most suited for them. They are subtle, yet still powerful pieces.




Sags aren’t too fussy when it comes to their jewelry selection. Free-spirited as they are, they appreciate exotic looking pieces that are unique and have their own personality.




Capricorns love expensive, valuable pieces. They don’t enjoy too much glitz, so they should be more substantial in quality and have an air of class.




Unusual, eco-friendly, and ethical pieces are great for an Aquarius. They love things that are a bit off the wall, and can totally rock something a bit zany or different.




Shimmering silver jewelry suits Pisces well. Earrings and rings look beautiful, especially if there are sea colored accents. Pisces can easily move from trend to trend, and can pull anything off.



Which Zodiac sign do you fall under? Does your sign agree with your jewelry preferences? If you’re looking for a specific piece, whether it matches your Zodiac or not, IMG Jewelers is here to help.


IMG Jewelers is a quality jeweler that has served the Cleveland area for more than 50 years. Please stop by our Lyndhurst showroom and we can help you select the perfect piece of jewelry, or you can contact us with any questions.



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