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Creative Bride and Groom’s Party Gifts

You’re tying the knot – congratulations! Now that you’ve selected your life partner, you’ve most likely selected your bridesmaids or groomsmen as well, or at least have an idea of who they’ll be. It’s customary to give your chosen few a nice gift for being part of your nuptials, but deciding on just what that gift should be can be hard. We’ve collected some of the most popular gifts...
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5 Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Be Sure to Love

 Mother’s Day is quickly approaching – have you gotten your mom the perfect gift yet?   If you’re still scrambling to find something your mom will really love, we’ve put together five items sure to please a variety of different tastes. There’s something for every budget, so nobody will be left out.   Here are five awesome gifts you can give your mother this Mother’s Day...
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Your Jewelry Style Based on Your Zodiac Sign

  It’s not uncommon knowledge that Zodiac signs have been incredibly popular, not just lately, but throughout time. They’re told to influence our personalities and our tastes, and some live their life ruled by their sign.   While each sign is unique, so are their tastes in jewelry. We’ve studied each sign, their preferences, and what works best with them and have found the ...
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Unconventional and Unique Ways to Propose

 Attribution: Gabby Orcutt / Creative Commons via Unsplash You’ve bought the ring and you’re ready to pop the question – congratulations! There is rarely anything more exciting than realizing you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with and deciding you want to declare that for all the world to see.   Perhaps you’re not the most traditional type, or ...
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Spring Jewelry Trends 2016

 Spring has barely sprung, yet we’re already looking for the newest jewelry trends this season. You could spend countless hours searching online, in magazines, or in stores, but why not save yourself some time and simply read this blog post?   We’ve put together this season’s top trends in the jewelry world, so consider this your one-stop-shop for everything current. From necklaces...
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5 Gift Giving Ideas for International Women’s Day

 International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8th – have you gotten any gifts for the women in your life?   International Women’s Day is a holiday that allows you to show just how much you appreciate the women in your life, regardless of whether you yourself are a woman or a man. Women work hard right alongside men to make this country great (don’t worry, men get their ...
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Easy Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling

 If you’ve purchased or have been gifted a beautiful piece of jewelry, you’ll want it to look brand new at all times. Unfortunately, regular wear or improper storage can cause your jewels to look dirty, tarnished, or a little lackluster.   Fortunately, we have a number of quick and easy ways to keep your jewelry looking its best at all times. Here they are:   Use Mild Dish Soap...
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Special Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

 Valentine’s Day is a short number of days away, and you may find yourself hustling to find the perfect gift for that special someone. To save you some stress, we’ve put together a list of ten items – five for him and five for her – that will be sure to please. No matter whether you have cash to burn or are on a tight budget, we’ve found something that will work for everyone.  ...
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Winter Jewelry Trends 2016

Image Credit: Lindisima  With the frigid temperatures and snowflakes we’ve been experiencing the past few weeks – Winter is undoubtedly upon us. Fortunately, we’re not just stuck with snow flurries when Winter rolls around – we get to try out some new and exciting jewelry trends.   We’ve scoped the runways and have found some of the most popular and unique jewelry looks. ...
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What Are the Differences Between the Types of Gold?

It goes without question that gold jewelry is beautiful, timeless, and makes a statement. In fact, it’s the most common choice for wedding and engagement rings, as well as incredibly popular in other rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.   Other metals apart from gold that are used in jewelry pieces include platinum, titanium, silver, and stainless steel. In this blog post, though, we...
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