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Debunking Diamond Myths - IMG Jewelers

Diamond Myths

Common Myths and Misunderstandings About Diamond Buying

Because IMG believes in educating consumers and treating our customers the way we treat our family (and because there are a multitude of sources of unreliable information and some unscrupulous jewelers around), IMG has addressed some of the most common concerns about diamond buying to debunk any myths that might affect your diamond buying experience.

Diamond Myth 1: You can find great diamonds online
Because every diamond is unique, there is no way to know if what you pay for online is truly worth it, without seeing it first!

When you walk into the IMG store, we'll take the time to explain and show the unique characteristics of each of our diamonds. We help you find the right diamond for you and your budget, with no stress, no pressure.

Diamond Myth 2: A "Certified" diamond is always better
Just because a diamond is certified, does not necessarily mean that it is better than a non-certified diamond. In fact, many certified diamonds will simply be priced higher because of the piece of paper that accompanies them and not because of their real quality.

Diamond Myth 3: All diamond jewelry is basically the same
Nothing could be farther from the truth! While it is true that most jewelers have mass-produced pieces in their showcases, you can be certain that IMG Jewelers prides itself on offering unique and innovative diamond settings, as well as superbly crafted classics. At IMG you will receive better quality and better value, along with second-to-none customer service including resizing, remounting and repairs.

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