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The latest looks in gold, silver, platinum and more...

At IMG, we believe in being ahead of the latest trends in fashion and jewelry styles. That is why we offer our designs in a variety of metals to please everyone on your gift list.

In our showcase, you'll find stunning engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and more in various metals such as:

One of the most popular metals as of late, this silver-colored metal gives a nice sheen and is durable over time.

There's a reason for the phrase "gold standard"… it has been a metal that has been revered for its luster for centuries. Gold, usually thought of as being yellow, is also available in white and rose colors. The karat indicates the amount of gold in the piece (or its purity) with 24K gold being considered the purest available. Other common gold karats are 10K, 14K, and 18K.

Silver jewelry is also a common metal used. Sterling silver (also called "fine silver") is often quite malleable. With proper care though, silver pieces can last a lifetime.

Other metals (Tungsten, Titanium, Palladium)
Other metals such as tungsten, titanium and palladium are also becoming popular options for jewelry for their durability and their various sheen qualities.

Palladium is extremely rare and hypoallergenic. It will last forever.

Tungsten carbide is a forged metal that is also very hard and resistant to scratching, however, harsh chemicals may impact the sheen of the metal.

Titanium is both strong and affordable. It is usually found in mens' jewelry pieces. Harsh chemicals may affect luster, but it is resistant to damage.

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