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Diamond Shapes and Cuts

Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes Available from IMG Jewelers

While we can create a wide-variety of rings and jewelry pieces in virtually any style, there are a few basic diamond shapes in which we create our fine pieces from. While there is no "right" or "wrong" cut of diamond, learning the different diamond shapes can help you determine your style preference.

The most popular diamond shape is still a round diamond, and is found on most engagement style rings. This classic shape offers flexibility in many designs.

The second-most popular cut of diamonds is this "square" cut diamond. It's basic shape makes it flexible like the round diamond, and is often found in three-stone ring styles.

Similar to a round diamond, the oval shape is a popular sparkler. It can often appear larger than its carat weight due to its elongated shape. It is a relatively "new" shape, which gained popularity in the 1950's and 1960's.

Originally developed for cutting other precious stones, including the emerald, the shape of this diamond is rectangular in nature, and contains long cut lines. While it appears to have less sparkle then some round stones, it is a flattering shape on most hands.

The Asscher-cut diamond is a square-shaped stone, and is sometimes referred to as a "square emerald-cut." In recent years, this stone has been gaining in popularity.

This diamond shape features two pointed ends It is often showcased as a solitaire as its unique shape provides interest on its own.

This rectangular-shaped diamond was created to provide those who love the shape of an emerald-cut diamond but also the brilliant sparkle of round-cut diamonds. This cut combines the best of both.

This pear (or teardrop) shaped stone offers wearers a lot of sparkle and shine, along with an elegant elongated shape that flatters most hands.

Heart-shaped diamonds
Noting says "love" like a heart-shaped diamond. Just as its name implies, the heart-shaped stone it features an indented top and pointed bottom to form a traditional heart shape.

Diamonds of the Future
As technology in diamond-cutting improves, so does the ability to create more fiery sparkle and interesting and innovative shapes. As a jeweler who is always on the cutting-edge of style and trends, we are able to provide the newest and most innovative cuts to our customers to create the look they envision.

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